17 Oct


Success From Home Magazine is releasing all over the US November 2nd. The company is about to be featured in TIME SQUARE! I can’t believe I am a part of this BILLION dollar company! It keeps getting better and better!

So much travel!!!

28 Aug

I can’t believe how much I have been able to travel over the last few months.

Dallas, Texas for our Success From Home Magazine launch for Le-Vel


Then Orlando, FL for the 2014 Zumba Convention


We are about to leave for Disney as a family!


Then, last but not least going to NEW ORLEANS!! Paid for by Le-Vel!! Have I mentioned that I love this company and all it’s perks!!


3 Aug

SUCH an amazing weekend in Dallas,TX for the launch party of Success From Home Magazine!!!! Learned so much from so many people! Position yourself for FREE!



Headed to DALLAS!

1 Aug

success home

Headed to Dallas, TX today for the release pre-launch party for Le-Vel!! Remember, I mentioned we are being featured in Success From Home Magazine? Super excited to meet people in my company that make upwards of $30,000 a WEEK, and the motivation to know I can do that too!!

She’s all mine!!

31 Jul

Today, we went to the Cadillac dealership and purchased this beauty! I never really thought I would own a car like this. She is beautiful inside and out! You know what the MOST AMAZING part is? Le-vel (Thrive) makes the payments!! That’s right, the car bonus they offer is amazing and I took advantage! You can too!! Join me on this journey to the top of this company!


Success From Home Magazine

29 Jul

Guess who is being featured in Success From Home Magazine?!! LE-VEL!!!

This weekend I will be heading to Dallas, TX with my team to join thousands of other promoters for the release party! This company has been such a blessing to our family and has changed my life completely! I love knowing that I can simply share this company and potentially change someone’s life FOREVER! I pinch myself wondering if this is true, is this real?


>No start-up fee

>No parties

>Commission plan is top-notch

>Upline support

>BONUSES at the lower levels


What is my favorite “PRO”? I think I would have to say the FREE start. When I started this business in Feb 2013 I did not want to invest any money..I didn’t have any. I wanted to make profit and not spend anything. (I did end up buying product for myself) BUT it is possible here to make money and not spend it!!! LET ME HELP YOU!





3 Jul

Well, remember that time I said I would keep you updated on my FitBit experience? Mine broke. After one month of usage…it will not sync. I’ve tried everything that support has suggested, so don/t waste your energy trying to send me new ideas. My receipt, OH…you mean that thing that I threw away on MONDAY (stopped working on Tuesday) that has been sitting in the trash outside for almost a week in the sweltering heat? Is it worth dumpster diving in my own trash to replace? That is what I am unsure of..


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