Happy times…

24 May

Got to see some people that I haven’t seen in a very long time today! It was great to be able to talk like no time has passed at all! Emily and I went to high school together and we haven’t seen each other in about 7 or 8 years. We follow each other on Facebook/Instagram of course, but face to face is always different! She is about 10 weeks behind us in her pregnancy with a boy as well! I left her shower today with such a light feeling, it was a perfect afternoon! Congrats Emily and Zack!


13 May

I’m sitting here thinking..I’m one month I will be the mom of TWO boys. Am I ready for this? Can I really do this? I feel ver inadequate to handle what life will bring on June 25th. 

Then I stop myself. It will be ok. My house, my car, my life may not be as clean or as organized as it is now..but we will be blessed. The Lord has already blessed us with an amazingly smart, funny, caring, giving, precious 3 year old. There is no reason this will be any different. 

Yes. I will stumble. I (we) will fail. Sleepless nights are ahead. Liam can already sense something is changing. His needs are greater and sleep is less. Miles. That’s the new baby’s name, it means “warrior”….he has a great big brother and an awesome family/friends system already! Getting ready! Less than 6 weeks! 

20 weeks PREGNANT, boy number 2

13 Feb

w14 097

It has already went by so fast!! We are 20 weeks now, with another BOY!!  Yesterday I felt the first few kicks of Baby W2 (no, we do not have a name yet)…hopefully within the next few weeks.

I had to go to the maternity store to buy some jeans also yesterday because nothing fits now…the lady asked me if I was there buying something for someone else..apparently I am not as big as I feel LOL!

The gym life?

13 Feb

So, last week I took an extra step in my career. May not sound super exciting to some, but I am pretty excited about it! I have been personal training at my house for a little over a year now. It has been great and very convenient, but now that Liam is older…three…it isn’t working. So, I have taken training to the gym where I teach Zumba/Step/Bootcamp. Right now only one client, but that’s ok. Slow and steady right? I am thinking of doing online training as well.. we shall see!


3 Jul

Well, remember that time I said I would keep you updated on my FitBit experience? Mine broke. After one month of usage…it will not sync. I’ve tried everything that support has suggested, so don/t waste your energy trying to send me new ideas. My receipt, OH…you mean that thing that I threw away on MONDAY (stopped working on Tuesday) that has been sitting in the trash outside for almost a week in the sweltering heat? Is it worth dumpster diving in my own trash to replace? That is what I am unsure of..

The Five Languages of Apology..

17 Jun

Soon, all three (hopefully..trying to get the boy on board) will begin reading this book together. The Five Languages of Apology: by Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas. I think it will be beneficial for all parties. I want to read this because I think it will not only help with our relationship as siblings, which is OK, but it’s not great. We are working on that! 

Recently my Grandfather “Paw-Paw” has taken a decline in his health, the talks of putting him in a nursing home really hits home about what stage of life we are all in. For us, once our parents are gone…we will still be siblings. We need to take care of each other. So, as for now, we are going to try to learn and grow together. 

Terrible sleep..

21 May

Thought my sleep was getting better….